The 100-Day Journey with Jesus

Our guest on Daily Faith is Tom Hollis, a close friend of Philip’s and the COO of Cornerstone Television Network. He is also a co-host of Hope Today, a daily ministry program, and shares a heart for missions and outreach within the church. Throughout the years, Tom has learned many valuable lessons about God. One of these lessons is the significance of addressing people’s basic needs before sharing the message of Jesus, as meeting these needs opens their hearts to receive. Another crucial lesson he explains today is the importance of establishing a foundation for understanding the heart of the Father.

Recently, Tom wrote a devotional titled “100 Days With Jesus: A Journey Through The Gospels,” which focuses on knowing the heart of Jesus through the Gospels. This inspiration came to him while speaking with his prayer team, and he felt compelled to share it with a broader audience. Meditating on the word of God reveals the beauty and depth of His love, leading one to sense the nearness of God’s love, heart, and compassion. As this understanding develops, it empowers individuals to share what they have learned with others, ultimately centered around sharing the Good News of Jesus.

We encourage you to fall in love with Jesus again and discover the profound depths of His love for you through Tom Hollis’s book, “100 Days With Jesus.” For more information about the book, visit To learn more about Cornerstone Television Network, see

Knowing the Father’s heart toward you is discovering a deep connection through His word. The Orphans Hands Ministry has cared for countless abandoned and orphaned children over the years, helping them learn and grow in God’s love. Often many of these kids we rescue grew up in poverty and lack social support, faced with fears no human should encounter. These homes are torn apart as these kids face the reality that no one is coming to save them. But that is where The Orphans Hands comes in. We have become a point of intersection for these hopeless.

We have a village of homes in Moldova and a house in Odessa, Ukraine, where we care for their needs. They have an opportunity to better themselves through education and outreach; in turn, they receive the love of a family they never knew. Our kids, once orphaned, turned sons and daughters, now missionaries, are thriving in the revelation of God’s love for them. Their lives are enriched, and they enjoy giving back to the surrounding communities through their Summer Camps. Our kids are hosting many events, all student-led, and they are witnessing miracles in the lives of others as they give back to God, a seed of hope He once gave them. It’s a blessing to see their hearts full of love and laughter.

Please pray about supporting our Constant Care Ministry as we give back to the broken and bless the needy of this world! For more information, please visit

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