Awaken the Giver within: Unlocking Prosperity’s Source

On Daily Faith, Philip’s good friend and Bishop, Jerry Grillo, joins us to explain how to hold on to hope in these trying times. Bishop Jerry is the Pastor of Church One80 in Hickory, North Carolina. Also an author and a motivational speaker. It’s not a surprise that we are living in challenging times worldwide. The world system is encroaching on the church, and we’ve become easily distracted and often bound by fear. Fear brings a storm of torment that steals your hope, love, finances, and future blessings from God. But God has prepositioned times and seasons in your life. The place that God has ordained you to be is the very place that will set the trajectory for your life. He is your source that has every resource in the midst.

However, if we aren’t watchful, we can end up in the most dangerous season of our life. Satan’s greatest weapon is to destroy the giver in you. If the giving stops, the blessings cease. Don’t allow Satan to assassinate your tomorrow, but be encouraged to stand in faith, keep giving, and sowing seeds of faith in your harvest. God is already in your tomorrow. Remember, activated faith determines your harvest. When you awaken the giver within, God awakens.

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Moldova is a cold and lonely place. For many years we have rescued abandoned children from a life of fear and torment. Often, when drugs and alcohol abuse takes over a family. Families send their children to an orphanage due to the lack of social support and care. Forgotten and abandoned, these kids grow up without knowing the love of a family. When they’re sixteen, they are kicked out and back to the place of loneliness they once knew. This desperation leaves them subject to human traffickers.

We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Odessa, Ukraine, where we care for the needs of the children and share the gospel of Jesus. They are learning who their source is and have discovered His endless resources. God is the giver of life, making all things new by restoring what the enemy has stolen. Our kids are no longer orphans who fear tomorrow, but missionaries, sons, and daughters of God, reaching the lost by activating their passion within to reach God’s people.

As the war in Ukraine continues, our kids have pressed into their source of strength, Jesus, and are continuing to bless those in need. The number of Ukrainian refugees has increased. Yet, our kids are taking action and sowing seeds into their future harvest in God’s Kingdom. Although this road is long and hard, we will go if you are willing.

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