Be More Than A Lot

On Daily Faith, joining us today, is Pastor Earl Glisson. Pastor Earl is the Senior Pastor of Anchor Faith Church in St. Augustine, FL. He shares a powerful word hoping to catch our attention and return our focus to the Lord. Pastor Earl has released a book, More Than A Lot, a historical account of the life of a righteous man of the Bible called Lot. During his time, Lot avoided conflict and considered the easy way out, although he was a righteous man in his ways. After a time, Lot lived amid the city’s wickedness, which eventually invaded his house. Because Lot chose not to use his voice, he lost it.

We’re living in similar situations today, and the church has shifted its focus off of the Lord and onto the world. We care more about what people think than what God thinks, becoming too comfortable. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Growth requires trimming and pruning so the Lord can use us; that often makes us uncomfortable. Where’s faith, truth, and love? God is looking for those who will stand for righteousness’ sake, despite the conflict. He is looking for those who will use their voice for the sake of the Kingdom of God! Time is of the essence; Don’t lose it; use your voice for good! 

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Moldova is a country with one of the highest death rates caused by alcohol, harsh winters, and lack of support. Out of desperation, many families send their little ones to live in an orphanage: helpless, rejected by the world, stranded with their fears, and living in the unknown. At sixteen, they’re forced to find a place of their own, where poverty and more trauma await. Before, these kids were subject to the false hopes of human traffickers, but they now have discovered the love of Jesus. The Orphans Hands ministry has saved and rescued the lives of countless children from a life of fear and abandonment. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village. From orphans to sons and daughters, missionaries for the Kingdom of God, our kids are passionate about sharing the same love of Jesus, despite war conflicts. Filled with joy and learning more about God’s faithfulness, they’re using their voice to declare God’s truth and righteousness to those who will listen. Our kids are ministering to the Ukrainian refugees, tirelessly meeting their needs through convoys of care with food, clothing, and Bibles. The harsh Moldovan winter is fast approaching, and they’re asking for your help to share the warmth of God’s love through a coat this Christmas.

You can help The Orphans Hands ministry by sending a coat today. Please visit or

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