Growing a Church Through Laughter

On Daily Faith, our new guest is Pastor Jonathan Herron, founding pastor of Life Church Michigan in Saginaw, MI. He is also a father of five, a life coach, a mentor, and the bestselling author of Holy Shift: Laugh Your Mass Off Reaching More People Far From God. In 2019, Life Church was the fastest-growing church in Michigan and the 11th fastest-growing church in America. Pastor Jonathan had a different start to ministry. His dream at a young age was to be a comedian, but God changed his life course as he grew. Pastor Jonathan’s unique approach to the ministry enabled him to use his gifts and talents of joy and laughter, sharing the message of hope to the lost.

Pastor Jonathan has developed the Church Growth Network, a nine-month program designed to coach, teach, and train church pastors and leaders around the country, taking their ministry to the next level in Christ. Less than 20% of Americans believe that the Scriptures are the word of God. It’s time for the American church to get back to the basics, allowing God’s word to bring fresh revelation and healing into our lives. The word of God is the only key that will renew your strength during these dark times.

For more information about Life Church Michigan, see If you are interested in growing your ministry through the Church Growth Network with Pastor Johnathan Herron, visit

The Orphans Hands ministry is the heartbeat that keeps us energized. For over thirty years, we have helped to save and provide a safe home for orphaned and abandoned children. Poverty and alcohol abuse have struck many families in Eastern Europe, often forcing their children to grow up in an orphanage. In the orphanages, they are told that no one will ever love them or care for them. Their hope for another tomorrow has dwindled, losing their joy one second at a time. As they come of age, these kids are kicked out, subject to the lies and false hopes of the human traffickers. The Orphans Hands has helped to bring healing and restoration through the love of Jesus. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village. As laughter fills the halls, are kids are no longer orphans. Their growth in the love of Jesus amazes us daily, as it breaks the cycles of abandonment by enabling them to give back to those needs they once knew. The war in Ukraine has caused us to evacuate our home in Odessa safely, yet many families are left in despair. By your faithful giving, we have been able to send convoys of relief to the churches of Ukraine, distributing food, blankets, and Bibles in a time of need. Thank you for your generosity and prayers. 

For more information about how you can bring hope amid darkness by supporting The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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