Get Your “But” in The Right Place

Pastor Ben Dailey has a powerful word of God’s grace to share. Pastor Ben is the Lead Pastor at Calvary Church in Irving, TX. He has recently released a new book entitled, Captured By Grace – Be Freed From Fear So You Can Really Live. He is here to share the difference between the “but” and the “Holy but.” We understand this sounds like an odd topic, yet we speak this way as believers. How often have you caught yourself declaring the word by faith, and then you interject a “but” into the same sentence? You have now canceled out what you’re believing for, allowing your emotions to dictate what the Word of God says about the issue. 

We say, “I am healed, but I still feel the pain.” As believers, we must understand the power and authority we carry to say, “I am in pain, but by His stripes, I am healed.” You are now standing on the truth by faith. The enemy, Satan, would like nothing better than to keep you wrapped up in fear and doubt. Yet, God is waiting for you to stand up and declare His word. The things of this world are seen, temporary. But the things of the unseen are eternal! This means that it is time we shift our focus off of our problems and on to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ! The storms of life will come, But God is greater than any storm, so rejoice! For more information about Calvary Church, see and to get a copy of his newest book, Captured By Grace, visit To learn more about Gospel Circle of Churches, please visit  

The Orphans Hands is the heart of our outreach ministry in Moldova and Ukraine. For over thirty years, we have rescued unwanted and abandoned children from the terrible risks of human traffickers. Poverty, alcohol abuse, and the lack of social support have created an unstable environment for kids to live in, forcing these children to grow up in an orphanage. They are afraid, alone, and unsure of what the next day will bring. The Orphans Hands ministry is reaching out to these children to help provide a new life for them. Upon coming into our homes in Vatra Village, we tell them if they are born, God has a plan. God’s plan is for them to grow in His love of the unseen eternal life here on Earth. Every day our kids are stepping out from fear and doubt and into His loving grace by faith! Our kids want you to know that Putin’s war is devastating, and countless lives have been lost, but they trust that God is greater. By your love, prayers, and generous support, nonstop, they are ministering to the refugees to make a difference in God’s Kingdom. Thank you!

To learn how you support our kids, please visit

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