Effective Succession in Ministry: 7 Keys from Pastor Dennis Gingerich

Pastor Dennis Gingerich, the founding pastor of Cape Christian Church in Cape Coral, FL, is our special guest on Daily Faith. With over thirty years of ministry experience, Pastor Dennis felt called to leave a lasting legacy of succession. Under his leadership, Cape Christian has thrived, with three pastors and over seven thousand members serving in seven Sunday services. During today’s program, Pastor Dennis will share seven keys to successful succession, which will help you prepare for a transitional leadership role within your church. As a leader, it’s important to realize that ministry is not about you but about having the right heart posture. When you approach God with humility and obedience, aligning your heart with His, you’ll begin to see the fruit of your relationship grow in the lives of others. God is looking for those who are available and open to His Spirit.

To learn more about Pastor Dennis’ Seven Keys to Successful Succession, visit www.dennisgingerich.com, and to plan a visit to Cape Christian Church, visit www.capechristian.com.

The Orphans Hands ministry is dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy of leadership and succession that ignites a passion for reaching the lost. Many families in poverty-stricken countries like Moldova and Ukraine are torn apart by the devastation and fear. Lacking social and community support, families often send their children to orphanages. Sadly, these children are often told in the orphanages that no one will ever return for them. When they turn sixteen, they are given a bus ticket and kicked out on the streets, forgotten, often falling prey to human traffickers. They are left feeling hopeless and alone.

The Orphans Hands ministry provides a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Odessa, Ukraine. We care for the needs of these children and where they experience the love of a family, often for the first time. Through our Constant Care outreach ministry, our kids have become God’s hands extended, bringing food, clothing, blankets, and the love of Jesus to everyone they meet. They have learned how prayer and being used by the Holy Spirit have caused their hearts to grow, and they desire to leave a lasting legacy of hope in the hearts of others for Jesus. 

Your love and support can help make a lasting impact in the lives of these children. To learn more about how you can get involved and support The Orphans Hands ministry, visit our website at www.theorphanshands.org.

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