Embracing Seasons: Trusting God’s Timing

Join us for a powerful message of faith from Bishop Jerry Grillo, the Pastor of Church One80 in Hickory, NC. Drawing from the book of Ecclesiastes, Bishop Jerry reminds us that life has its own times and seasons, each one beautiful in its own right. Whether we’re going through the highs or lows of life, God is always present, helping us endure and rejoice in the journey. But sometimes, we face obstacles that seem impossible, and it’s in those moments God allows us to pause and reflect on His goodness in our lives. We must let go of the past and allow Him to shift our focus forward. 

As Bishop Jerry says, “We can’t bring yesterday’s manna into our lives today.” While we may not always see the next step, we can trust in God’s plan and process, knowing He is faithful and will never abandon us. It’s important to remember that God may be moving backward while we’re moving forward, but there comes a time when we will meet, which will be His perfect timing. So join us and be inspired to trust in God’s plan and process for your life.

Bishop Jerry is also an author and motivational speaker, and you can learn more about him and Church One80 by visiting www.drjerrygrillo.com and www.churchone80.com

In these times and seasons of hardship, Moldova and Ukraine are fighting to survive. The war in Ukraine has forced thousands from their homes into lands they’ve never known before. In Moldova, alcohol abuse rates are among the highest, leaving many families fighting to survive. Their children are often dropped off at an orphanage, never knowing the love of a family. However, our homes in Moldova, called Vatra Village, help to bring warmth, peace, and the love of a family. Our kids find purpose in life during the pauses. They have endured many valleys and overcome obstacles, but through patience and faith, they are learning about the love of Jesus. Their lives have been transformed from orphans to missionaries for the Kingdom of God.

Recently, our kids have been ministering to the needs of the refugees in Turkey, providing food, tents, and supplies. This devastation is incomprehensible, but through it all, the love of Jesus is shining through. We are asking for your help and support as our team cares for the needs of the Ukrainian and Turkish refugees during this time of pause. We know that all things are possible when God is in control. If you would like to learn more about how you can help us be God’s hands extended in this time of desperation, please visit www.theorphanhands.org.

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