Embracing Your Place in God’s Kingdom

Join us on Daily Faith as Pastor Tom Sprowls of Berlin Brethren Church sheds light on the essence of his ministry and the significance of seeing the world through God’s eyes. We are currently witnessing turbulent times both in America and globally, and the signs are all around us, making it imperative to expand our faith and comprehension of God’s plan for his Kingdom in these trying times. 

The Kingdom of God is already here, and we are called to partake in its work. The church’s mission is to minister to people’s hearts, reach the lost, assist those in need, and spread the Gospel message. Our focus must be on the Kingdom and not the surrounding circumstances. We must pray for our enemies and be a shining light in the darkness. Even in the midst of conflict, God’s love extends to all.

It’s a generational task to display the love of Jesus and serve as God’s hands to a lost generation. The Church must recognize the power of the Kingdom, as it will bring glory to God and bring the brethren together. It’s a cycle of sowing and reaping as we plant the seed, nurture it, and reap a bountiful harvest, all for the glory of God and unity among the brethren. The realization of His Kingdom come is accomplished through us.

For more information on Berlin Brethren Church and Pastor Tom Sprowls, visit www.berlinbrethernchurch.org.

The Orphans Hands ministry is dedicated to saving and supporting the vulnerable children of Moldova and Ukraine from abandonment and the risks of human trafficking. Many families in these countries struggle to survive and are forced to send their children to orphanages, where they face a bleak future. However, our ministry offers them a home and a new path filled with hope and the love of Christ.

In Vatra Village, the children come together to experience the Gospel message and see the power of God’s love transform their lives. As they begin their faith journey, they take their first steps toward realizing their purpose in God’s Kingdom. Not only witnessing but in unity, being the church, God’s hands extended. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war in Ukraine, our kids are determined to make a difference in these children’s lives and need your help to purchase a house in Odessa.

By reaching out in faith to support those in need, you, too, can experience the blessings of the Kingdom of God and help build a brighter future for these children. Let’s work together to bring the love and hope of Christ to those who need it most.

For more information on how you can help support The Orphans Hands, please visit www.theorphanshands.org

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