Faith Sparks Miracles

Our guest, joining us on Daily Faith, is the Founder and President of Destiny TV, Evangelist JT Guyton, from Atmore, AL. Evangelist JT is talking about healing and miracles breaking out, giving testimony to the power of God in the church. Recently, he was asked to speak at a service in Sloan Lake Community Church in China Grove, NC, where they are now in their fifth week of revival services. Across the country, many people there are hungry for a move of God and desire to see their lives changed by an encounter with the Holy Spirit. During this time, they have witnessed many miracles and healings take place in the presence of God. Evangelist JT wants to pray with you and to let you know that God is no respecter of persons. Your healing took place on the cross thousands of years ago, by the precious blood of Jesus, and it covers you! What God has done in the lives of others, He can do for you. God is asking for us to believe in His mighty power and receive our healing or miracle. If you are in the middle of a storm or an unbearable situation that you may think is too far out of God’s reach, we want to encourage your faith to stand on the word of God. By faith, declare His promises over your life and begin to thank God for your victory in that area. Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” For more information about Evangelist JT Guyton and DestinyTV programming, please visit

The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart of our mission work. We have been helping to save orphaned and abandoned children for over thirty years. When they turn sixteen, these kids are kicked out of the orphanage where traffickers offer them fake jobs and suffer the risks of being sold into human trafficking. The Orphans Hands has been an interception point for these kids. In a small country in Eastern Europe, we have a village of homes called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine, where these children are welcomed into our family and come to life. We provide everything from education to doctor’s appointments. Some of our kids are studying to be doctors, lawyers, and social workers because they see the need and want to reach out and help others the same way Jesus reached out to them. By faith, they have stepped out and are seeing healing miracles take place in their lives. Betzer House, dedicated to Pastor Dan Betzer, is our last home in Vatra to be completed that will house fifteen more kids. We’d like to share with you a video that our kids created and edited, thanking you for your continued generous support and prayers. What you do in the lives of others will happen for you. For more information about The Orphans Hands, please visit

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