Focus on the Covenant

On Daily Faith, Philip’s best friend and pastor, Pastor Tony McAfee, joins us today. Pastor McAfee is the lead pastor of Covenant Life Church in Clinton, TN. Recently, the Lord gave him a powerful revelation on the importance of Communion within the body of Christ and how it has been minimized within the church. Communion is an oath unto God. It’s a symbol of our dedication in remembrance of what Jesus did on the Cross. It reaffirms our faith in Jesus, and it’s not intended to be taken lightly. Everything is relational with our heavenly Father. Communion is more than having fellowship; it’s an intimate partnership with Him through Jesus Christ. Having that foundation is a vital step in our Christian walk. Pastor McAfee expounds on how Communion brings union with Jesus and our relationships with each other and how it keeps us humble before God. The blood of Jesus covers everything we could ever do, enabling us to live and proclaim His Good News to the world. Today, our prayer is that you will turn your heart to the Lord in humble adoration and focus on the covenant, your partnership made with Jesus. There is power in His blood, and it is covering you. For more information about Covenant Life Church with Pastor Tony McAfee, please visit

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. They have the highest death rate, per population, due to alcoholism. This devastation breaks up the home and sends many children to grow up in an orphanage. These kids are left alone with a sense of hopelessness and rejection. In the orphanage, they are told they’ll never amount to anything in life. When they turn sixteen, they are sent back to those who abandoned them or left on the streets, subject to the risks of human trafficking. The Orphans Hands is the heart and soul of our outreach ministry. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine. We help rescue these unwanted and forgotten children by taking them in and giving them a place to call home. They become sons and daughters, turning into missionaries. Through faith in Christ, they’re establishing a covenant relationship with God on a foundation of His truths. They acknowledge and remember the price Jesus paid for their sins by regularly taking communion. We’re currently opening another home named The Betzer House for more children to discover their identity in Christ. Through Jesus, it’s because of your love and support that enables us to be God’s hands extended. Thank you! To learn more about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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Prevention and Redemption

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Systematic Destruction of America

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We Need the Holy Ghost

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God’s Presence and Anointing

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Your Voice Matters, Your Vote Matters

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Your Voice Matters, Your Vote Matters We have an exciting show for you on Daily Faith! Pastor Myles Holmes joins us to share the importance of speaking out and using your voice.