Get Into Alignment With God

On Daily Faith, Pastor Derek Draughon has a word of faith and encouragement for your soul. Pastor Derek is the Senior Pastor of Saraland First Church in Saraland, AL. He also hosts a podcast called Fuel Cast, a show designed to help men discover the truth in the word of God. The enemy uses various trials of life as distractions to keep us from seeking the Lord and pursuing a relationship with God. If Satan can distract and keep our minds bound by fear and anxiety, he has won. It’s easy to react negatively to stress, but the Lord has a greater calling for you. Don’t allow the enemy’s schemes to triumph over your life. Begin to change the way you view the circumstance by repositioning yourself before the Lord. Daniel brought his petition before God and waited. Daniel was determined to remain quiet. He repositioned his prayers and set his mind to understand. He came into alignment with the word of God. At the end of his waiting, Daniel received his answer. We know that seasons of waiting can be challenging, long, and drawn out, but when we wait upon the Lord, we discover a new level of trust, hope, and perseverance within our hearts. Hold on to Jesus; your answer is on the way!

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For over thirty years, we have rescued orphaned and abandoned children from the risks of human trafficking. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe that struggles with alcohol abuse and poverty. Many families send their children to live in an orphanage due to a lack of support and care. These kids grow up never knowing the love of a family, fighting to survive. When they turn sixteen, they are kicked out and sent back to the villages where they came. Alone and cold, the fears of tomorrow haunt them as they anxiously wait. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine where we take in these unwanted children, showing them the love of Jesus. We are proud to announce that twelve of our kids have graduated through these challenging times, becoming doctors, psychologists, and teachers. Their faith has increased as they align their hearts with the word of God. The war in Ukraine has caused us to evacuate our home in Odessa safely. Yet, they may not understand the ways of God, but they have repositioned their hearts to be God’s hands extended. They are daily meeting the needs of the Ukrainian refugees by supplying food, Bibles, and blankets. Jesus is the hope they have for another day. Thank you for your kindness that helps make a difference in the lives of others. To learn more about how you can give and support the Orphans Hands ministry, please see

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