Getting Up & Punching Back

On Daily Faith, we have an encouraging word of hope and restoration for you! There are times when the world will knock you down, yet the issue isn’t in the falling; it’s in the getting up! Pastor Scott and Kristi Schatzline have released a new book called, Punch Back: A Miracle Story of Rising Up When Life Knocks You Down. They shared their story of how the enemy struck their family; they got back up and punched back. In this life, you will face difficult times and seasons of hardship. The plan of the enemy is to steal, kill, and destroy your life, joy, family, and health; you name it. Yet, God brings life, hope, restoration, and freedom. We have the choice to believe the bad report, or we can decide to get back up, stand by faith, and declare God’s promises over the situation. God wants you to encourage yourself in Him and know that you are not alone. His Spirit is greater on the inside of you than the enemy in the world. You are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. When all you can do is stand, you stand by faith as God fights for you! It’s time to stir your faith and punch back up at the enemy.

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Have you ever stopped to notice all of the miracles around you? For those who don’t know, your love and support of The Orphans Hands ministry have helped to bring a glimmer of hope into the lives of those living in extreme poverty and fear. In Moldova, many families suffer from a lack of love, care, and necessities. Most families are forced to send their children to an orphanage, where they are told their families have abandoned them. At sixteen, these kids are kicked out onto the streets with a bus ticket to a home they never knew. This leaves the kids vulnerable and subject to false hope from human traffickers. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village, and our house is in Odessa, Ukraine. The enemy may have knocked them down, but restoration is here; they’re getting up! Our kids are daily learning how to punch back at the enemy’s schemes, allowing their faith to rise in the Lord. They desire to give back to those needs they once knew, being God’s hands extended amid the most fear-gripping times. For the people of Ukraine, there is still a crisis happening. This war seems endless. Putin has taken away almost all of their supplies to live. We need a miracle to purchase this house to care for more orphaned children. Our lease is up, leaving our kids without a home upon returning to Ukraine. Please consider partnering with us and becoming part of our Odessa Home Miracle with The Orphans Hands. 

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