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Daily Faith wants to be a point of contact for you to share encouraging words that will enlighten your heart to where God is moving. We’re here to speak life into your circumstances and remind you that God is in complete control and He sees you in the middle of it all. There might be a circumstance that the enemy is pushing at you so hard that he will push straight through you to Jesus, God will arise on your behalf, and His enemies will be scattered! God is waiting for you to open up your heart to trust in Him. Whenever you find yourself in trouble or feel afraid, plead the blood of Jesus.

Our guest on today’s program is Pastor Lee Claypoole. He is the lead pastor at Union Road Church in Gastonia, GA. Pastor Claypoole wants to share with you the importance of daily dependence on the word of God. God is our Shepherd, tending to, watching over, and providing for our every need. There is nothing that God can’t and won’t do for you. Suppose if God were to give you everything you needed at once? Then you wouldn’t need to ask the Lord to provide for you. That also cuts out your relationship with Him.  Just like the Lord was there with Moses as the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, and at Abraham’s point of desperation, God provided a sacrificial lamb. God knows you and has everything you could ever need. During this trial that you have found yourself in, the most significant faith you can have is your trust in the Lord. As Job cried out to God, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,” we can have the same confidence in Jesus today. For more information about Pastor Lee Claypoole’s ministry, please visit

We’d like to share with you a few things from our ministry in Moldova. Our kids have written, recorded, and edited their own video to show you what one act of kindness has helped them overcome. These kids come from harsh conditions where most of them are sent to orphanages because they don’t have anyone to care for them, often leaving them to the risk and perils of human trafficking. Upon welcoming them into their new homes, they learn who they are in Christ and can now trust in the Lord to provide for them. With courage in their hearts, they have stepped out in faith and want to give back to you. For more information on The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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