God Lives In The Dumb

Have you ever stopped and thought about your role in the Kingdom of God? We are called to be sons and daughters unto God, caring for the needs of others. Philip has found a kindred spirit in his guest that he would like to share with you today! Pastor Darry Tyler is from Franklin, TN, where he is the pastor of Conduit Church. He never dreamt of becoming a pastor, but the Lord had a way of tugging on his heart and brought about things that he never saw coming. His church has an outreach ministry that supports and provides clinics, feeds the hungry, and takes care of children in many parts of the world, including Haiti, South East Asia, and Africa. Although times may be hard and we go through our own daily struggles, when we step out on the water and care for someone else’s needs above our own, God always steps in to provide for us at the right time! Where there is a vision, provision follows.

You can find more info on Pastor Darren and the Conduit Church @ https://conduitchurch.com

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