Making an Old Wine Skin New

On Daily Faith today, we have one of Philip’s dear friends on the program, Pastor Mike Coleman. He is the lead pastor at Christ Alive Orlando in Winter Park, FL. He is also a Biblical Archeologist. He enjoys diving deeper into the word of God, discovering and uncovering the backstories of the Bible. Recently, God has been laying a foundation for revelation to unfold, bringing the word of God to a place of rest within. Pastor Mike brings tremendous insight and unveils the wisdom in the process of making old wineskins new again. I’m sure you have heard this saying; the best is yet to come. But in reality, it doesn’t feel that way. It’s the opposite. It’s a process that He has prepared for you, although we may not understand at the moment. You have been cut to the core and are left feeling exposed and vulnerable to the pain, yet God is using those tender moments to accomplish something more significant in your life. Pastor Mike wants to give you six steps, revealing their spiritual implications, to help you see and know where you are right now. We want to encourage you not to give up in the middle of the process or give in to the lies from the devil. As the process is for the old wineskins, God uses this time of cleansing and refining to help you become the masterpiece He has intended for you to be all along. We pray that your faith is encouraged and strengthened in the Lord today. In due season and time, you will step into the better yet to come. For more information about Christ Alive Orlando church with Pastor Mike Coleman, please visit or for more information about Pastor Coleman’s new book, Reading Between The Lines visit,  

We have a village of homes in the country of Moldova and a house in Ukraine. It’s in these small, impoverished countries that our heart lies. For over thirty years, we have been rescuing and helping orphaned children from the risks of human trafficking.  Often, these children have been abused and kicked out of their homes by their loved ones and are sent to grow up in an orphanage. They are told that no one loves them, leaving them abandoned with no hope in sight. It’s upon coming into our homes where they discover the love Jesus has poured out for them, making them new again. Through this gentle process, God is cleansing and refining their lives for a greater purpose. Right now, the water wells in our village have run dry, leaving our kids without daily water. It’s only by God’s provision through your generous support and that we have made it. We want to thank you for your continued prayers and support. For more information about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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