Making Room For The New

On Daily Faith, we have a dear friend of Philip’s, our guest speaker, Pastor Lane Hastie, joining us from Kaufman First Assembly in Kaufman, Tx. He is the Lead Pastor of this great church, and today, he shares profound, simple truths that will enlighten your heart to understand and help you let go of fear and complacency. Recently, during his prayer time, the Lord revealed that he had to choose to let go of the old blessings for God to bring about new blessings for the season that he is entering. There are times when we feel stuck and afraid of moving forward because of fear. We’re holding on to past dreams, visions, and disappointments, and God is encouraging us to release them to Him, yet, as long as the devil is allowed to constrain us, we won’t advance into the territory God has destined for us to prosper in. God desires to bring in new things for our lives, friendships, health, marriages, and finances. To receive something new, we have to be willing to let go of the old amid the pain. We can’t sit around waiting for something new to come. We must choose to allow the Lord to work, remaining faithful and consistent in the season we’re in! It’s time to push forward in faith with the Lord making room in our hearts for something new. Be blessed and encouraged; God is about to bring a new season of hope, health, and healing into your life! For more information about Kaufamn First Assembly with Pastor Lane Hastie, please visit

We have an outreach ministry called The Orphan Hands Ministry for those who don’t know. We have been rescuing unwanted and abandoned children from a life of turmoil and the risks of human trafficking. Moldova is one of the most impoverished countries globally, where many homes are split up, forcing the children to grow up in an orphanage, never knowing the love of a family. Once they turn sixteen, they are forced out with no place to call home. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine where we care for and provide for everything they need upon coming into our homes. Their lives have been transformed by the grace of God, which has kept them safe. Letting go of fear, they’re making room for the new blessings God has in store for their lives. The more they learn about Jesus, the more God’s power works through them to minister to those in need. When you remain faithful in the season you’re in, God’s blessings will flow! Thank you for your kind support. Our kids are walking testimonies for God’s Kingdom. For more information on how you can help The Orphans Hands ministry, contact us at

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