Mighty Warrior Arise

On Daily Faith, Pastor Derek Draughon is the Senior Pastor of Saraland First Church in Saraland, AL. He also hosts a podcast called Fuel Cast, a show designed to encourage men in the word of God. Today, Pastor Derek is excited to share this revelation on the word of God to encourage your faith. You are not small or insignificant; God sees you and knows what He is doing. He is faithful and is looking for those who will stand for righteousness’ sake. We may be in the middle of life’s most significant battles struggling to make ends meet, and distracted with other battles that weren’t ours, to begin with, but through our obedience and faith in Him, God makes a way. Pastor Derek shares that the seasons around you don’t have to dictate the season within you. The world may shake, but as you trust in the Lord, you can have perfect peace in the midst. It’s time to lay aside those heavy weights and rise as mighty warriors. We want to encourage your faith. Disobedience brings strife and pain, but obedience brings peace and hope. As you trust in Jesus today, He will renew your strength, making way for you in the middle of this storm. It’s time to rise, mighty warriors! 

To learn more about Saraland First with Pastor Derek Draughon, please visit www.saraland.church. To catch the latest episode of Fuel Cast, visit www.fuelcast.tv

The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart of our mission work. We have rescued countless children from poverty and the risk of human trafficking. Moldova has one of the highest death rates due to alcohol abuse, leaving many of its families helpless and sending their children to live in an orphanage. They’re forced on the street at sixteen, with nowhere to turn. Within minutes, they’re subject to the risks of human trafficking, never to be seen again. In Moldova, we have a village of homes called Vatra Village and a home in Odessa, Ukraine. Upon coming into our homes where we care for their needs, their faith has soared to new heights in the love of Jesus, and God’s perfect peace renews their strength. They’re passionate about spreading the Good News of God’s love through obedience. They have become mighty warriors for Jesus, and the orphan spirit has been broken while they give back to those needs they once knew. Our kids meet the needs of the refugees and their families daily with food, blankets, and Bibles. As the seasons change, we’re preparing for the bitterly cold winters. They’re asking for your help and support by giving a coat to help share the warmth of God’s love. To find out how you can provide a coat this winter, please see the Orphans Hands ministry; please visit www.theorphanshands.org.

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