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Do we have a word for you on Daily Faith today! Bringing you a word straight from the heart of God is Pastor Rusty Railey, Senior Pastor of Joilet First Assembly, in Joilet, IL. Pastor Rusty recently taught a sermon series called Battle for Generations. He shares how Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, and his target is the next generation. In an attempt to invade their minds, Satan twists and manipulates their circumstances and ultimately causes confusion wherever Satan can; keeping them bound by fear destroys their identity in Christ Jesus. Pastor Rusty shares to enlighten and equip you, helping you withstand the enemy’s schemes. Jesus has overcome the enemy and has gifted you with His Overcomer Spirit! God has come to bring life more abundantly for you! As you step out in faith, we encourage you to gird yourself with the whole armor of God. Discover your identity in Christ by allowing His promises to strengthen your mind. You are sons and daughters, joint-heirs in the Kingdom of God. You can trust in the Lord that He is fighting for you! For more information about Joilet First Assembly and to hear more teachings from Pastor Rusty Railey, please visit www.jfa.church.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and it has one of the highest death rates due to alcoholism. Abuse, lack of support, and neglect make for terrible living conditions, and poverty sets in tearing the home apart. Most children are forced to live in an orphanage. When they reach the age of sixteen, kicked out of the orphanage, this despair leads to a life of desperation and risks of the human traffickers. The Orphans Hands becomes a point of interception, taking in abandoned children and providing for their needs. We have a village of homes in Moldova and a house in Ukraine. We are raising the next generation of mighty warriors for Jesus Christ. They have become sons and daughters who have turned into missionaries for God’s Kingdom. Our kids are discovering their identity in Christ by renewing their minds to believe what God’s word says about them. The Holy Spirit has helped them turn fear into faith, forgiving the pains of the past for a better tomorrow. To learn more about how you can support The Orphans Hands Ministry and change a life for 1 Dollar a Day, please see www.theorphanshands.org.

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The Lenses We View Our World

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As In The Days of Noah

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The Prepositioning of God

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The Perfect Power of The Holy Spirit

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It’s About Your Availability

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The Lord, Our Comforter

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