Peace During The Storms Of Life

On Daily Faith, we have an encouraging word of peace for you from Pastor Thomas McDaniels, Founder of LifeBridge Christian Center in Long View, TX. Pastor Thomas is a dad and grandfather. He is also an author, public speaker, and podcast host. Pastor Thomas is here to share the importance of cultivating an attitude of worship and rest in our daily routines. We can be busy from day to day, yet how productive are we? Jesus bid us come to Him, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and He will give us rest. Belief cultivates rest, and true rest for our soul is believing in His word. There is a fulness of joy in His presence, where all fear, turmoil, and stress fade away. When we neglect to spend time in God’s Presence, He will allow those situations to turn our attention back to Him. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper, leading and guiding us in all truth. Pastor Thomas and Philip want you to know that as you set time aside to be with Lord amid the storms of life, you will discover His perfect peace that will surpass all of your human understanding. As you hold on to Jesus, you can trust that you are safe in His everlasting arms. 

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The Orphans Hands ministry has taken in orphaned and abandoned children in Moldova for over thirty years. Due to the high rate of alcohol abuse, poverty, the lack of social support, most children are forced to grow up in an orphanage without knowing the love of a family. When the kids become of age, they are kicked out onto the streets where fear and desperation set in their hearts, subjecting them to the vile risks of human trafficking. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine. The current war on Ukraine has caused us to evacuate our girls’ home in Odesa, Ukraine, where they have safely joined our kids in Vatra Village. Our homes have helped bring peace to their lives and restored a sense of ownership by finding their identity in Christ. They have become sons and daughters, who are now missionaries for Jesus. They are currently on the frontlines of the Moldovan border, supplying food and caring for the needs of the refugees. Although times are scary, our kids have discovered who God is, their Rock and Fortress, help in times of need, where they can hide in the midst of the storm. They have indeed found a true sense of peace in God’s Presence. We thank you for your continued prayers and support in helping to change a life. To learn more about supporting The Orphans Hands ministry in this critical time, please visit

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