Prepare A Place for Revival

On the show Daily Faith, Pastor John Miller from the Church on the Rock in Texarkana provides practical guidance for preparing a space for revival. Pastor John shares his personal testimony of salvation during the Jesus movement in the 1970s and how he has prayed for the current times, where revival is taking place across denominations. Despite the significant cultural changes since the 70s, our need and desire for Jesus remain the same. We seek the Holy Spirit to transform our mindset and bring about Kingdom change in our society. There are no limits to what God can do if we do not confine Him to a box. 

As our culture becomes more diverse, we must create a space for the Holy Spirit to dwell to facilitate a change in our cultural fabric. The Holy Spirit is a gentle Helper who enters the hearts of those ready to receive Him. Pastor John urges us to prepare a place for the Holy Spirit in our hearts, homes, and churches and invites us to witness the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Orphans Hands ministry is at the heart of our outreach efforts in Moldova and Ukraine. Many families struggle to provide care and support for their children, leading them to orphanages. These children face an uncertain future, but by experiencing the transformative power of the Holy Spirit through our village of homes in Moldova and our home in Odessa, Ukraine, they become sons and daughters of Christ. At Vatra Village, we focus on the need for God’s love in our hearts and how cultural transformation can happen with His love, turning these children into missionaries who reach out to those in need. Our kids deeply understand what God can do from the miracles they’ve witnessed and are tirelessly giving back to the needs of the lost and broken people. 

We humbly ask for your prayers and support during these uncertain times so that we can continue being God’s extended hands to those in need. Even amid ongoing war, our team has risked their lives to share God’s love, preparing a place for revival in the hearts of others. We believe that the hope of Jesus will enlighten the eyes of the Ukrainian and Turkish refugees as our kids serve and share the love of Christ. 

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