Prospering In Pandemonium

On Daily Faith, joining Philip today to share a Rhema word from the Lord is Pastor Jeremiah Hosford. Pastor Jeremiah Hosford is a close friend to Philip, and he pastors Abundant Life Church in Locust Grove, GA. We know that we are living in momentous times in America and around the world. Our economy is in despair, inflation is rising, and gas prices are soaring. There are wars and rumors of wars, famine, and pestilence around us, and the church is at the center. As the body of Christ, it is our mandate to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God. At the beginning of 2019, the Lord spoke to Pastor Jeremiah in a dream giving him insight and revelation on the things to come. Pastor Jeremiah has followed the Holy Spirit’s leading and has prompted the release of his new book, Prospering In Pandemonium: Releasing and Restoring The Double Portion. It’s an answer book for the church in the times that we are living, and it provides prophetic insight into what will happen now. You are favored by the Lord, and He intends to release prophetic impartation over your life that will help you see beyond where you are, empowering you to prosper in these difficult times. May His favor and blessings be upon you today as you stand in faith! For more information about Abundant Life Church with Pastor Jeremiah Hosford, please visit To get a copy of Prospering in Pandemonium, please visit

The Orphans Hands is our outreach ministry in Moldova and Ukraine. For over thirty years, we have rescued abandoned and unwanted children from the horrible risks of human traffickers. Due to the lack of social support, poverty and alcoholism have created an unstable environment for kids to live in, forcing these children to grow up in an orphanage. They are fearful and hopeless, and unsure of what the next day will bring. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village that is reaching out to these children to help provide a new life for them. Upon coming into our homes, we tell them if they are born, God has a plan. They have experienced the favor of God in their lives by discovering their identity in Him. Every day our kids are stepping out from fear and doubt and following the Holy Spirit’s leading by faith! For the past month, their lives have been changed by the grip of war and the invasion of Ukraine. With your love, prayers, and generous support, nonstop, they are ministering to the refugees in hopes of making a difference in God’s Kingdom. They are living proof that protection and prosperity can come as you place your trust in God.
To learn more about how you can help care for those in need through The Orphans Hands, please visit

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