Recognize God’s Favor in Your Life

On Daily Faith, Philip’s good friend and Pastor of Saraland First in Saraland, Alabama, is Pastor Derek Draughon. More recently, through Pastor Derek’s prayer time with the Lord, He has shared with him His heart. He revealed the favor of God upon his life and the power of a seed. When a seed is planted in good soil, it will reproduce itself over again in the future. The Bible gives us a great example of His favor poured out in the life of Joseph. At the beginning of Joseph’s life, everything went wrong. It had appeared that he was dealt a lousy hand of events, but God’s favor was still there. Joseph walked in God’s favor despite his surroundings and became second to Pharaoh, ruler of all of Egypt. Pastor Derek wants you to recognize it in your own life. Favor is not a feeling, and it’s not something to earn. It’s a gift, a blessing from the Lord. Favor requires faith to see beyond where you are, trusting in the Lord to see you through. No matter what circumstances you’re in or the storms of life that are raging around you right now, it’s time to acknowledge the favor of God over your life and walk in that. You are a child of God, joint-heir to the Kingdom of God. So today, shift your prayers, asking God to expose His favor in your life and watch how He will reveal it to you. For more information about Saraland First with Pastor Derek Draughon, please visit

We have a village of homes in Moldova called Varta Village and a house in Ukraine for those who don’t know. The Orphans Hands ministry has been rescuing orphaned children from the deadly risks of human trafficking and a life of devastation. These children have been told they are unwanted and unloved and grow up without the love and support of a family. When they reach the age of sixteen, they are kicked out of the orphanage and are sent back to the ones who abused and abandoned them. Yet, upon coming into our homes, they have learned the power of a faith seed spoken over their life. We tell them, “if they were born, God has a plan.” They have accepted Jesus into their hearts, becoming sons and daughters, who have turned into missionaries to those who hurt them. Our kids have stepped out in faith and are trusting in God to provide for their every need. They have become faith warriors for Jesus that love to share the miracles of how His favor and love transformed their lives. Every month all of our kids get together on the village green in Vatra to celebrate Family Day, and they’d like to share this special day with you and say, Thank you! What you do in the lives of others, God will do for you. For more information about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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