Restoring Your Joy!

When was the last time that you had a good laugh? On Daily Faith, we have a new guest to share with you. Pastor Jason Kerr has been pastoring the Highlands Church of the Cumberlands, in Jamestown, TN for over 14 years. Over time, many things around him began to steal his joy, leaving him carrying a burden of sorrow and defeat. However, Pastor Kerr, in the midst of searching for the Lord, discovered how to get his joy back. He wants to share some encouraging words that will help restore the joy of the Lord to your heart, mind, and soul. You may not feel like jumping around praising the Lord all of the time, but when you begin to set your mind on the things of the Lord, those heavyweights you’ve been carrying begin to break off of, and you start to experience the fullness of God’s joy as your strength! Our prayer for you today is that you’re going to make it with the Lord’s strength!

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