Seeing Beyond Your Limitations

On Daily Faith, we are discussing The God of Immeasurably More with our guest, Pastor Joe Boyd. He is the lead pastor of Lifesong Family Church in Lewisburg, TN. According to the world’s standards, his church might seem too small to accomplish big things. However, they are mighty warriors in God’s eyes. They are not bound by what they see, man’s limitations, because they view the world through God’s eyes, relying on Him to be their provider. Pastor Joe wants to encourage your heart by sharing essential information of God’s vision for your life. If all you can see are the material things of this world and the problem’s within your circumstances, those issues will be magnified in your life. Limitations of this world do not bind God; He has an endless supply waiting for you. It’s time that we shift our focus and gaze upon the Lord. He is able to do above and beyond all that you could ask, think, dream, or even imagine. So be encouraged today and know that you are in the almighty hands of God, and He can do immeasurably more for you today! For more information about Lifesong Family Church with Pastor Joe Boyd, please visit

The Daily Faith family is here to speak faith and life over your situation. We want you to know that God is always more than enough in whatever season you find yourself in. God loves you with an intense love that won’t let you go. He is for you and not against you. We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the goodness of God and all that He has done for you. Then, start to see your limitations through the eyes of Christ. 

The heartbeat of our ministry is in a small, impoverished country in Eastern Europe. We have a village of homes called Vatra Village in Moldova, where we help rescue orphaned and abandoned children from the risks of human trafficking. Many children in the country have suffered loss, abuse, and rejection by their loved ones, and in many cases, they are sent to grow up alone in an orphanage. They are told that they will never be anything in life and no love loves them. They are stuck by the limitations of their surroundings and feelings of hopelessness. Upon coming into our homes, they are taught the ways of the Lord. They discover who they are in Christ by becoming sons and daughters, who turn into mighty warriors for God’s Kingdom. Their vision is to go out and preach the Good News of the gospel to the ones who abandoned them. They have learned what it means to rely on God in all seasons of life with an endless supply of God’s grace. Thank you for your prayers and support. For more information about The Orphans Hands Ministry, please visit

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