Swing For the Fence!

Joining us today to share a word of encouragement is Pastor Buddy Meloy. With great understanding, Pastor Buddy delivers this message with hope and strength about the great plans God has in store for your future. The war that rages in the heavens, the shaking, affects this world. In this world, we will have trouble, but we’re to be of good cheer; Jesus has overcome this world. The plan of the enemy is to steal, kill, and destroy your life. Yet, Jesus came to bring life as He breathed His spirit into us. If you’re struggling with worry and fear, push back at the enemy and refocus on Jesus. Don’t allow worry and anxiety to steal from you, robbing you of your breath, your God-given purpose. God has not given you a spirit of fear but one of power, love, and a sound mind. The enemy cannot stand against you when your eyes are fixed on Jesus. Today, choose to resist falling for the enemy’s schemes and choking up on the bat of your destiny. God wants you to swing for the fence in the Spirit. Instead, resist the devil and rejoice amid the sufferings with a heart of praise and thanksgiving. Know that greater is God in you than the devil in the world, and He has a plan for you! 

For more about New Life Christan Fellowship with Pastor Buddy Meloy, visit www.nlcflc.com.

For those who do not know, our ministry started thirty years ago when we saw a little orphaned boy, and God told us that he would be ours. From God’s hands to our hearts, the Orphans Hands ministry began. We took in the unwanted and forgotten of the world, cared for their needs, and rescued them from a life of torment and false hopes of human traffickers. Today, we have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village home in Odessa, Ukraine, where we can house up to 75 girls and boys. It’s easy for worry, fear, and anxiety to consume their mind. Yet as they stand on the word of God, the concerns fade, turning into great strength. 

The grip the enemy used to choke out their dreams is gone, and they’re thriving in God’s plan and purpose for their lives. Our kids have learned to rest and trust in God’s promises. They are reaching out daily to meet the needs they once knew, offering a message of hope saturated in God’s love. Today, we’re asking for your help. Our lease is up on our house in Odessa, Ukraine, and we desperately need to purchase this house. This home will enable us to care for more of life’s unwanted by showing them they are not forgotten. Will you help be a part of this miracle?

For more information about The Orphans Hands ministry, see www.theorphanshands.org.

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