The Crown of Favor

On Daily Faith, our guest is Dr. Jerry Grillo. Dr. Jerry Grillo is an author, motivational speaker, and Pastor of Favor Life Church in Hickory, NC. He has written a book called, Strive to Thrive: Noah Didn’t Wait For His Ship To Come In… He Built One. The book explains the power of God in our lives when we recognize Him as our source. We are created to thrive amid chaos as sons and daughters of God, designed to bring heaven to Earth by prayer. In God’s Kingdom, He didn’t intend for His children to quit or give up. God has set eternity in your hearts from the beginning. Although we may face battles that seem impossible, the devil plans to distract and bombard our minds with evil thoughts, which keep us in a state of confusion and fear. God wants us to see Him not only as a resource but as The Source. This battle has already been won in heaven. Pastor Jerry intends to strengthen your faith by giving you five fundamental principles that will help turn the favor of God around in your life. So, as victorious men and women of God, it’s time to stand courageously on the promises of God’s word. Don’t allow the pains of your past to hinder you from receiving the crown of favor God intends to bless you. For more information about Favor Life Church with Dr. Jerry Grillo, please visit To get a copy of his book, Strive to Thrive, visit

From tired hands and feet; to walking in favor of God, the orphans we help rescue have endured many hardships. With a lack of social support in a poverty-stricken country, this terrible combination forces many children out of the house to grow up in an orphanage. In the orphanage, they are told that no one loves them and will never amount to anything in life. When they turn sixteen, they are then forced out of the orphanage, returning to the ones who abandoned them. Hopeless and desperate to find another way to live, this leaves them subject to the risks of false hopes of the traffickers. The Orphans Hands is the heart of our outreach ministry. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine. Upon coming into our homes, these kids discover their purpose in God’s Kingdom and have received His favor as a crown of glory. His everlasting love has transformed their lives from orphans to sons and daughters, now missionaries to those who hurt them. We want to thank you for standing with us by faith through partnership, reaching those who need saving! To learn more about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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