The “How To’s” of Church Leadership

On Daily Faith, we have a new guest to share with you today! Pastor Cory Demmel is the Lead Pastor at Cape Christian in Cape Coral, FL. Pastor Demmel has served in various leadership positions over the past 16 years, most recently as the Ministry Development Pastor at Bellevue Christian Center. He is passionate about teaching and training our leaders to discover their purpose and passion. Today he will be discussing leadership principles and cultural variances inside our growing church communities. We may have the same church principles yet different management styles and strategies in our church culture. How do we promote exemplary leadership through our organization’s culture? How do we blend and set these principles into motion that apply to our church’s culture? Pastor Cory Demmel walks you through basic steps to help increase your understanding and areas of growth in leadership. Although growth in this process is hard work, it will pay off. It’s vital to be honest with yourself and take the necessary steps to action. We encourage you to reach out to others for social support and information relating to your community and build a strategy to win your community for God’s Kingdom. For more information about Cape Christian in Cape Coral, FL, and leadership training from our guest, Pastor Cory Demmel, please visit

The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart and soul of our mission work. We have been working with the orphanages in Moldova for the past 30 years. In Moldova, many children have been kicked out of their homes due to alcohol abuse and neglect within their families. They are sent to an orphanage to grow up, where they are told that they will never be anything in life. The Orphans Hands ministry has been a point of interception for these children to help save and rescue them from the risks of human trafficking upon leaving the orphanage. By bringing them into our homes, we give them a place to live that establishes ownership. We have a village of homes called Vatra Village in Moldova and a house in Ukraine. Our kids are learning and discovering who they are in Christ and developing leadership tools that enable them to minister to those in need. They are no longer orphans but missionaries for the Lord, accepted by Jesus; they desire to see this younger generation take action by being the church. Although we may live in different countries, our church cultures and principles are still the same. Our kids want to share a sample of what a church camp looks like in a communist country. Thank you for your generous support and continued prayers. To discover more information about The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit

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