The Identity Epidemic

On Daily Faith, joining us is Neil Kennedy, Founder of FivestarMan. He has been in ministry for over 25 years and is passionate about equipping others to reach their purpose in Christ. Neil Kennedy travels extensively, hosting conferences and training seminars on Biblical principles of authentic manhood. In helping to bring the word of God to life for others, Neil Kennedy has seen lives restored to God and their families, where healing and identity were released. There is a saying, “So goes the leader, so goes the pack.” Well, in America and around the world, we are suffering from a fatherless generation and identity epidemic. Many children are growing up with an orphan spirit, not knowing the love and admonition of a father. As they grow, they have difficulty relating to God as their heavenly Father. God created the family unit; the father is the head under Christ, so when the father is absent from the home, this crisis breaks up the home, and… so goes the pack. Neil Kennedy shares great insight and astounding revelation, helping you to see God as your Father knowing His love, character, and authority in your life, breaking the orphan spirit. He recently released a book, Pray Like A Son, to better understand your relationship with God, seeing Him as your Father who loves you unconditionally and knowing that you are His!

When you know who you are in Christ and to whom you belong, there won’t be an identity crisis.  

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For over thirty years, we have rescued countless children from a life of despair and hopelessness. In Moldova, families suffer from poverty and abuse, not knowing what the next day will bring. The sirens of war have instilled more fear into their hearts as they frantically send their children away to live in an orphanage, safe from harm. Yet, these children realize that no one will come for them as time goes by. At the age of sixteen, forced out on the streets, they are now subject to the risks of human trafficking. We have a village of homes called Vatra Village in Moldova and a former home in Odessa, Ukraine. As we care for their needs, God is caring for ours. The power of the Holy Spirit has transformed the lives of these young children as they discover their identity in Christ. God’s love has changed their lives and solidified their relationship with God as Father. The orphaned spirit has broken off of them as they reach and serve others whose needs they once knew. Our kids are daily ministry and going to the most dreadful places to share food, blankets, and Bibles, offering the love of Jesus to the Ukrainian refugees. We thank you for your generous giving and prayers as we continue to reach the lost.

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