The Key to Prayer and Intercession

On Daily Faith, we have an energetic show full of faith and wisdom from the Holy Ghost. Pastor Tyson Coughlin is the Senior Pastor of Vizion Church in Charlotte, NC. God has kept his promise and has proved Himself faithful over and over to Vizion Church. During this pandemic, they have grown exponentially by unashamedly preaching the Gospel, where hundreds have given their lives to Jesus. The enemy of the world, Satan, is clear on his plan to steal, kill, and destroy the church’s identity. He comes after God’s people in an attempt to set fear and torment in our hearts. Although we’re living in unprecedented times in America and around the world; where wars and rumors of war, famine, and confusion have taken our hearts captive. Today, Pastor Tyson charges you not to give up. Don’t give up on the plans God has spoken to you, the word He has placed within your heart. You are an overcomer! God has given you the authority by the word of God to withstand these attacks. Prayer and intercession are the greatest weapons of warfare you and I have against the enemy. As you position yourself with Jesus, you’ll discover a place of intimacy that will reveal the very nature of God in your life, strengthening your relationship with Him, bringing victory! For more information about Vizion Church with Pastor Tyson Coughlin, please visit

For those of you who don’t know, we have helped rescue abandoned children from the deadly risks of human trafficking for over thirty years. Moldova has one of the highest death rates due to alcohol abuse. The lack of social support and neglect for these families have forced their young children to grow up in an orphanage. When they become of age, they are kicked out onto the streets where fear and desperation set in their hearts. Hopeless and alone, they struggle to make ends meet. The Orphans Hands ministry is taking in these orphaned children. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine that helps provide a safe and warm place for these kids to call home. It’s a second chance at life to discover who they are in Christ Jesus and embrace the church’s oneness. Faith is rising in our kids’ lives by discovering their identity in Christ. They’re learning daily to release the pains of the past, hopeful for a new day. Our girls know that God is bigger than any circumstance that comes their way. Right now, our homes in Ukraine are at risk by the Russian government declaring war and invading Odesa as we speak. We are asking for your continued prayers and intercession during these uncertain times! Thank you for your love and support.
To learn more about how you can help change a life for one dollar a day, contact The Orphans Hands ministry at

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