The Star of Your Destiny

Joining us on Daily Faith is Pastor Darryl Hooper. He is the lead pastor of The Church Covington in Oxford, GA. Pastor Darryl has been in the ministry for over 30 years. Throughout the years, he Has seen God’s hand of faithfulness amid every season. As we enjoy this holiday season and, most importantly, celebrate our Saviour’s birth, Pastor Darryl’s message reminds us to follow The Star, Jesus Christ. God has set a Star in the sky of your destiny that He longs for you to seek. As you enter into a new season, what will you do to find it? The wise men traveled countless miles by night, desperately searching with great anticipation for their Star. One night, their promise came to pass; they were amazed at the incredible sight and discovered their longed-for joy. It took many years, and they endured various trials, yet reached the end of the Star, never giving up. We will experience hardship and troubles in this life, but Daily Faith is here to support you as you press forward in search of your Star. The key to the process is Trust. Trust the process to Jesus, and wait patiently for His promises to come to pass. Jesus is The Star, the hope of your calling you have been searching for. Don’t give up; your star is just ahead! 

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To the forgotten of the world, all hope seems lost. The chance of another tomorrow seems bleak, not knowing what the current day will bring. But for The Orphans Hands ministry, our work continues. The heart of our mission work is in Eastern Europe, saving those considered lost and abandoned. Many families send their little ones to an orphanage at a young age. In the orphanage, these kids are told they are nothing, and their faith and hopes are shattered. At sixteen, they’re kicked out of the orphanage, searching for a new way of life, and subject to the false hopes of the human traffickers. The Orphans Hands has become a center point of their search to help guide them to their destiny. We have a Village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Odessa, Ukraine, where our kids learn how to listen to the voice of God in search of their Star. His love has changed their hearts as they trust Jesus to light the way. They have discovered the joy and peace of finding their Star at the end of the storm.

As the war continues in Ukraine, our kids would like to return to Ukraine to help those in need. However, our lease is up in Odessa, and we must have a home to send these children to in their country. 

If you would like to help make this miracle happen, please contact us at

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