Transformative Power of Love, Healing, and Hope

On Daily Faith, our special guest today is Pastor Glenn Davis, the Lead Pastor at Countryside Church in Clearwater, Florida. Amid a world filled with hardship where people desperately seek authenticity, the Holy Spirit is thriving, soothing the rough edges within their community and drawing everyone unto Himself. He is healing hearts and transforming lives through the most ordinary individuals. This younger generation is experiencing this same drawing and renewed sense of life through baptism.

Today, Pastor Glenn shares a message overflowing with love, healing, and the hope found in Jesus Christ. “If you create space, they will come,” he emphasizes, exploring the transformative effect of this divine love on Generation Z. Recently, Pastor Glenn authored Ordinary Guy, Extraordinary God, recounting his journey of faith and perseverance during life’s harshest trials, and illustrating how God utilized him as a willing vessel. Through overcoming these challenges, Pastor Glenn discovered a newfound freedom in Jesus Christ.

Battling life’s tumultuous waves may feel like an endless struggle to stay afloat. Yet, this is not the time to surrender or lose hope. Instead, it’s the time to muster your strength and persevere through faith, prayer, and resilience. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve done, Jesus loves you. He patiently waits for you to acknowledge your sins and accept His unconditional love.

To plan a visit to Countryside Church, visit To get your copy of Ordinary Guy, Extraordinary God, by Pastor Glenn Davis, go to 

The Orphans Hands ministry is devoted to reaching the lost and broken, impoverished communities in Moldova and Ukraine, offering essential aid and resources to children suffering from abandonment and neglect. When these kids come of age, they are forced out of the orphanage without a home to return to. This leaves them subject to the risks of human traffickers. Our ministry has a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Odessa, Ukraine. We care for and provide a safe space to nurture young individuals, fostering their faith through perseverance and healing.

These kids, once orphaned, now sons and daughters, turned missionaries for Jesus; they have harnessed their faith to counteract the wiles of the devil with the word of God. 

Baptism in this faith empowers them to find joy in serving Ukrainian refugees at the forefront. Through our Constant Care initiative, the Orphans Hands team continually supports those in need, exemplifying authenticity in our actions. Amid challenges, they have embraced the profound truth: nothing is impossible with God.

We invite you to help us be God’s hands extended in this crucial time to make a tangible difference. Visit to discover how you can assist

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