Trust The Instruments of God

On Daily Faith, Pastor Derek Draughon is with us to explain the difference between IFR and VFR. Pastor Derek is a father, pastor, pilot, and podcast host. In studying for his instrument certifications, the Lord revealed profound truths about His instruments in the Kingdom of God. The word of God says that we will have troubles, trials, and tribulations in this world, but in Jesus, we have life everlasting. God has given us the proper instruments to navigate life’s storms; that is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Yet the devil comes to steal and kill, causing confusion and fog to cloud our brains and spirit from seeing God clearly. If we allow ourselves to be caught up in the world’s system, we are in danger of being out of rhythm with the Lord. Instead of checking our spiritual instruments, we end up crashing and falling by the wayside. It is vital for us as Christians to recalibrate ourselves daily to the word of God, keeping in constant check of His word and voice through obedient hearts. When we follow and trust God’s system, He will guide us safely through the storms of life.

Pastor Derek Draughon is the Senior Pastor of Saraland First Church in Saraland, AL. He also hosts a podcast called FuelCast, a show geared towards men, relating practical tools to the word of God.

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When we speak of spiritual instruments, we think of how the Holy Spirit leads and guides us into all truths. God’s truth for us is to care for the widows and orphans, those unwanted by the world. They have been thrown out of the world’s system, but God has come to restore their lives as sons and daughters of His kingdom. For many years, The Orphans Hand ministry has rescued the lives of many orphaned children. At a young age, these children grow up not knowing the love of a family or the power of God’s love for their lives. At the age of sixteen, they’re kicked out of the orphanage, subject to the false hopes of the human traffickers. We have become an interception point, bringing these kids to our village of homes in Moldova and Odessa, Ukraine. At Vatra Village, our kids learn how the love of Jesus has changed their hearts’ desires, recalibrating them to see God clearly. They know to use their spiritual instruments to discern the voice and nudging’s of the God Spirit daily. 

As the storms of life continue, we will trust the Holy Spirit to lead us to safety.

Our lease is up on our homes in Odessa, Ukraine. Will you help us continue to provide a safe place for those in need? To learn how you can be part of a Christmas miracle for those in need, please see

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