Who Is Rewriting History?

On Daily Faith, Zach Drew joins us to set the foundation of American history, bringing us back to Biblical principles. There is a silent war taking place in America. The truth we know to be self-evident has slowly faded as we’ve willingly relinquished our rights to the mirage of the enemy, keeping us silent. There is little difference between Socialism and Marxism. Yet, both have cast intentional misstatements about our past, whether distant or recent and how they reject traditional beliefs that culture holds, intending to destroy capitalism and get us to a post-Christian society. 

We believe America was established and ordained by the hands of God. Yet, over the years, revisionists have rewritten our history books, intending to cover up these truths creating a false narrative. Zach Drew helps bring an in-depth understanding, shedding light and sharing hope to gain clarity for our future. It’s time for America to wake up from its slumber, and be encouraged by God’s word as we boldly stand for truth and righteousness as we see the day approaching. 

Zach Drew is the host of The Zach Drew Show and a watchman for the next generation. 

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Socialism is the norm, and the threats of war have become a reality. The fight for life and truth has been a silent war for years. Revisionists have created a false narrative casting a shadow of happiness and freedom. Even the youngest of the world have been affected by this travesty. In Moldova, many children suffer from extreme poverty and a lack of support and compassion. These kids are forced to live in an orphanage at a young age, hopeless and afraid of the next day.

The Orphans Hands ministry has helped rescue these abandoned children by saving them from the fears and risks of human trafficking. We feed, clothe, and provide education at our homes in Vatra Village and Odessa, Ukraine, sharing God’s love and truth with a generation that has lost hope. They are now sons and daughters, reaching beyond their sight into God’s world of clarity for the needs of others. They have tirelessly given to the Ukrainian refugees, hoping to continue to share the light of God’s love with hopeless people. Our lease is up on our Odessa house, yet our girls desperately want to return home to care for their people. We need a miracle to purchase this house to care for more orphaned children. 

Please consider partnering with us and becoming part of our Odessa Home Miracle with The Orphans Hands. Visit www.theorphanshands.org.

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