America On The Verge

Although the storms of life may rage around you, you’re going to make it. So, don’t give up but keep your eyes on Jesus. He is making a way for you! Daily Faith is here to spark faith into your heart, letting you go about your day full of confidence and encouragement in Jesus.

Pastor JC Worley, the Lead Pastor of Go Church, a multi-campus church in Sharpsburg, GA, is joining us today. The word of the Lord he shares will enlighten your understanding, stirring you to wake. We’re living in the most turbulent times in our history, and America is in a spiritual pandemic. The world is in chaos, and our Christian faith and beliefs are under attack. We would have never thought that America was on the pathway to being post-Christian. The church is called to be a light, a city on a hill, separated from the world’s view. For too long, we have shut our mouths and let the world dictate how the church should be. We’ve been lulled to sleep by the stranger’s voice that set us on the path of destruction, quieting the voice of the Holy Spirit. Pastor JC wants to help shed light on our situation by helping you see the signs of deconstructionism. The Gospel may offend all believers and non-believers, but it calls us out from a life of sin into righteous living. So don’t sit and curse the darkness or remain fearful; get up and stand for righteousness. When God arises, all enemies are scattered. 

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The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart of our mission work in Eastern Europe. We have saved countless orphaned and abandoned children from poverty and abuse. In Moldova, many families suffer from a lack of care and support. Families are forced to send their children to an orphanage at a young age. When the kids turn sixteen, they’re kicked out onto the streets, scared and vulnerable to the false hopes of human traffickers. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village, and a house is in Odessa, Ukraine. We’re blessed to have the ability to care for the needs of these children. The orphaned spirit has broken off by learning about Jesus and experiencing His love through giving. Now they are sons and daughters of God, missionaries to the helpless and abandoned generation. Their faith is rising daily as they see the hand of God work in their midst of the storm. As the war in Ukraine worsens, the power has been shut off to Moldova; we still have hope. Our lease may be up on our Odessa house, but with your support and kind giving, our girls will be able to return home to care for their people.

To those in America and worldwide, thank you for partnering with us and becoming part of our Odessa Home Miracle with The Orphans Hands,

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