Build a Solid Foundation in the Lord

We have the pleasure of welcoming Pastor Teresa Pritchard as our guest on Daily Faith. Alongside her husband, Pastor Wesley Pritchard, she co-pastors Fayetteville Community Church in North Carolina, where they have been serving in ministry for over two decades. Recently, Pastor Teresa has been teaching a group of young adults aged 20-30 at their church. This group is called Tracks, and her passion is to educate and train these young believers to become disciples with a strong foundation in God’s word so that they can withstand life’s challenges. Many individuals lack knowledge of the Bible, and Pastor Teresa desires to impart the truth of God’s word to these young people.

As Christians, trials are inevitable, and Pastor Teresa draws inspiration from the book of James 1 to teach her group about developing perseverance, enduring patience, finding joy in trials, and maintaining unwavering faith. This type of testing ultimately produces a journey with Jesus that leads to a complete and steadfast faith. Through her own experiences, Pastor Teresa imparts wisdom and trains her group on the importance of building a solid foundation in the Lord and gaining insight from life’s lessons. The result is a genuine faith that remains steadfast even amid the storms of life.

For more information on Fayetteville Community Church and Pastor Teresa’s teaching, please visit

The Orphans Hands ministry is committed to helping impoverished communities in Moldova and Ukraine, providing critical support and resources for children facing abandonment and neglect. Through a village of homes in Moldova and a house in Odessa, Ukraine, the ministry offers a safe haven for young individuals to develop their faith, spiritual maturity, and perseverance. With spiritual training and guidance, these children learn to use their spiritual weapons to overcome the enemy’s schemes and draw closer to their heavenly Father. Despite their challenges, the children have come to know that nothing is impossible with God and have found enduring faith and joy in ministering to Ukrainian refugees on the frontlines. Through their Constant Care ministry, the Orphans Hands team provides ongoing support and care to those in need. 

Join us in making a difference by supporting this vital ministry. Visit to learn more about how you can help.

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