Confidence Through Faith

On Daily Faith, Bishop Jerry Grillo is joining us for another powerful word on Faith and Failure. Bishop Jerry Grillo is the Pastor of Church One80 in Hickory, North Carolina, an author, and a motivational speaker. There is a saying, “Life is a test; pass the test.” As we learn and grow through various testing seasons, God intends to use them for our good. Yet, when we’re in the middle of the circumstance, it’s easy to allow these failures to blind us from the purpose. Did you know God has placed equity within you? God values you. He has promised He will never leave or forsake you; you are His child. Our failures and successes should go together because we won’t know we’ve succeeded without them. God has placed the Kingdom of God inside you. It’s time that we shift our focus from the problem onto Jesus. Bishop Jerry wants to give you the key to conquering this failure, turning it for your good in Christ Jesus. Jesus is our hope and trust in God’s Word. Although we may struggle with failure, we want to encourage your faith to shake off past failures and step into a higher calling of confidence. God’s greatness is within you! To learn more about Church One80 with Bishop Jerry Grillo, see, and to get a copy of his latest books, visit The Orphans Hands is the central point of our outreach ministry in Moldova. For over thirty years, we have been saving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children from a life of abuse and torment, which often leads to human trafficking throughout Eastern Europe. The current war in Ukraine has worsened this travesty. At a young age, many children are forced to leave their homes and live in an orphanage. When these kids turn sixteen, they’re kicked out onto the streets, desperately searching for a home. This desperation becomes a trap by the false hopes of the human traffickers. The Orphans Hands has become their saving grace, taking them from the streets and giving them a warm place to call home. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village, and our house is in Odessa, Ukraine. Our kids are learning to live courageously amid past failures and successes, discovering their identity. As they have turned their eyes to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of their faith, their confidence in who Jesus is strengthens them. For many Ukrainians, the war has become a way of life, and our girls from Odessa desperately want to return to their homeland and help their people. Please consider partnering with us to assist in furthering God’s Kingdom’s work with Ukraine. This miracle will provide our Ukrainian kids with a forever home. To learn more about how you can become part of our Odessa Home Miracle with The Orphans Hands, please visit

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