Culture Prayer Revival: Pastor Don Gibson on Igniting Church Revival

Welcome back to Daily Faith, where we are thrilled to have Pastor Don Gibson as our guest today. With years of faithful service in the ministry and as Senior Pastor of Mercy Gate Church in Burleson, TX, Pastor Don believes that God is calling for our attention to focus on His heart. Revival is knocking at our doors, and we must be ready to embrace it. Pastor Don shares his insights on the vital role of prayer in igniting and sustaining revival within our church culture. In his recently published book, Culture Prayer Revival: This is CPR for the Church, Pastor Don offers a comprehensive guide on prayer and revival for churches to adopt, enabling them to pray effectively in all seasons and areas of life. Lack of knowledge can be the cause of perishing, but this book can help chart a new course for your church toward prayer and revival. Equip your church with the necessary tools to become unstoppable in the Kingdom of God. 

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The Orphans Hands ministry is a shining example of prayerful dedication to sustaining church culture and revival. Our mission is to rescue orphaned and abandoned children from the risks of human trafficking. In Moldova, poverty hits hard and these children end up alone and forgotten, struggling to get by. Many are sent to an orphanage to live, yet never knowing the love of a family. As these kids age out of the system, life gets harder and the false hopes of the traffickers set in. We have become the point of interception, bringing these kids into a home filled with love, joy, and peace. At Vatra Village, the love of Jesus revives their once cold hearts, and they become a powerful force for ministry and outreach.

The Orphans Hands instills the love of Jesus, which sparks a deep sense of joy and faith to be God’s hands extended to love to those who are lost and hurting. They are no longer orphaned but sons and daughters, missionaries for Jesus. They lead our Constant Care team on various outreach missions across the country and beyond. The passion of Jesus is sustaining the revival of love and compassion in their hearts for this broken world. We see the urgency of the mission and remain prayerful and committed to making a difference in the lives of these children and in the world.

To learn more about how you can help those in need with our Constant Care ministry, please visit

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