Daily Faith with Philip Cameron: Guest Pastor Buddy Meloy

On the Daily Faith show, Pastor Buddy Meloy is back with us to continue speaking about what the Lord has been sharing with him. Opinions, knowledge, and thoughts are all components of a stronghold. Strongholds happen in your life when an opinion exalts itself above the name of Jesus. When we have a negative stronghold in our life, it can hinder what the Lord is trying to accomplish in that area. Today, Pastor Meloy wants to share this simple solution with you. In all the chaos and confusion, there’s only one name that can change things, the name of Jesus. If you are facing a battle and feel that all hope is lost, speak the name of Jesus. The enemy has to flee at the mention of the name Jesus. We want to encourage your faith, that no matter what you’re facing today, turn those thoughts around and put a song of praise on your lips, for God operates on the platform of our praise, and there’s wonder-working power in the mighty name of Jesus! Pastor Buddy Meloy pastors at New Life Christian Fellowship in Lake City, FL.

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