Daily Faith with Philip Cameron: Guest Pastor Gary Brothers

We have a wonderful, faith-filled show for you today! Our guest on the Daily Faith show is Pastor Gary Brothers. He is the Senior Pastor at Cape First Church in Cape Girardeau, MO. He has recently released a book entitled Borrowed Vessels: The Hidden Power of Relationships. Today, Pastor Gary would like to share some key points in helping you see beyond your circumstance. Oftentimes, when God tells us to do something, it doesn’t make sense in our finite minds, but He sees beyond what we can see in front of us. In this book, you’ll discover that God doesn’t need what we don’t have, He uses what we do have and places certain people in our lives that help support and encourage us. Don’t let the pain of the past hinder you from the purpose God has for your future. Obedience opens the doors to blessings in your life, and we want for you to live life to the fullest in the Lord Jesus. We hope that your faith is encouraged today!

Church: A Force for Social Change

Church: A Force for Social Change On Daily Faith, we're joined by Pastor Eric Camp from Collective Church, Pascagoula, MS. Now a candidate for State Representative in House District 111, Pastor Camp