Divine Favor Being Poured Out

We have an outreach ministry called, The Orphans Hands. In the country of Moldova, we have a village of homes called Vatra. Vatra means hearth, fireplace. Vatra is a safe place for the kids we’ve helped rescue to have a warm place to live. It’s where they start to learn about who they are in Christ, becoming sons and daughters of God. They understand that God has great plans for their lives, and He has given them favor to bless others who were once abandoned. Our kids have filmed and edited a video that would like to show you of what your generosity has done to change their lives. When you sow in the lives of others, you will reap a harvest in your own life. For more information about The Orphans Hands Ministry, please visit www.theorphanshands.org

On Daily Faith, we want to let you know that nothing can bless you or put you in the right place like God’s favor. The favor of God places you in an area that man can’t deny your blessing. Today, our guest wants to share with you powerful and enlightening words of strength about God’s favor over your life. Bishop Timothy Hill is the General Overseer of the Church of God in Cleveland, TN. Bishop Hill has recently written a book entitled The Speed of Favor. In the book, he discusses and gives vital points about God’s seedtime and harvest that pertains to your life. How God will exceed, increase and accelerate time to accomplish His plan and purpose in your life as you sow into His Kingdom. The season of favor is on the Lord’s heart, and when the seasons of God collide in your situation, as you sow, you will reap a bountiful harvest because of your faithfulness to the Lord. We understand that we live in extraordinary times in our country, where there is fear, turmoil, uncertainty, and financial drought, but our God sees all of that, and He knows what is going on around you. As you have poured out, sowed, and watered your seed, although the waiting seems unbearable, hold on. You’re about to reap a divine blessing! We pray that your heart is encouraged and strengthened in the power of His might today as you walk with the Lord. For more information about Bishop Tim Hill’s new book, please visit www.bishoptimothymhill.com, or for The Church of God, please visit www.churchofgod.org.

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