Enduring Faith: Running the Race with Purpose

Pastor Rusty Railey of Victory City Church in Joliet, IL, joins us on Daily Faith to share valuable insights and revelations about maintaining faith and persevering through the race of life, as explained in the book of Hebrews. He emphasizes how the scripture reminds us that the great cloud of witnesses, the saints of old, are depending on us to finish the race we’ve been given, as they have already passed on the baton to us. This encouragement should spur us on in times of difficulty or waiting, knowing that this season is essential preparation for the next.

By focusing on Jesus and keeping our faith, we can carry the baton with the same endurance and strength that he displayed on the cross. The waiting period is like an incubation season, where God is preparing us for the future, and we must hold on to finish the race set before us. As the body of Christ, we have a critical role to play in carrying the baton for the next generation and our purpose matters in his kingdom.

For more information about Victory City Church, visit their website at www.victorycity.com.

The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart of our outreach. We provide care for the needs of these orphaned children, helping to bring purpose to vulnerable children in Moldova and Ukraine, where poverty and social strife have forced families to abandon their children, leaving them at risk of trafficking and life in orphanages. We have a village of homes in Moldova and a home in Odessa, Ukraine, where we care for the needs of these children, helping them experience the love of the Father and gain a sense of purpose. In Vatra Village, our kids are learning about Jesus, understanding their purpose in His Kingdom, sons and daughters turning into missionaries.

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing, but their hope in Jesus remains strong. The baton has been passed on to them, and they are running this race with faithful endurance. They are determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Currently, our team is supporting the people of Turkey affected by earthquakes, spreading the love of Jesus. 

By supporting The Orphans Hands ministry, you can bring hope and make a difference in their lives. Visit www.theorphanshands.org to learn more about supporting their mission.

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