Expandable Faith

On Daily Faith, we’re talking about all things Faith with Pastor Derek Draughon. He is one of Philip’s dearest friends of Daily Faith and the Senior Pastor of Saraland Church in Saraland, Alabama. He also hosts a man’s show called FuelCast Tv – geared towards pouring fuel on the fire of the hearts of men to strengthen their inner man. They get out into the world, dirty and greasy, and apply the truth of the word as they navigate life together. The word that Pastor Derek has been wrestling with is Faith. As believers, we are to believe in something. God has given us a measure of faith, and it’s up to us to grow and expand our faith by hearing the word of God. Like the game tug-o-war. When the enemy comes against us and causes storms of delay, he is holding the rope. As believers, we are to hold tight the rope of our faith, press into the word of God, and rejoice. We have the victory over this battle already. Don’t quit on God now. Encourage yourself in the Lord, and begin to rejoice as you hold the rope of your faith. As you set your eyes on the Lord, the devil will see you’re not giving up, and he will drop the rope, and you’ll see your victory! 

To watch the latest episode of FuelCast with Pastor Derek Draughon, please visit www.fuelcast.tv. If you’re interested in hearing more about Pastor Derek and Courtney’s ministry, see www.derekandcourtney.com

The Orphans Hands ministry has helped reach and save the unwanted of this world over many years. As poverty, alcohol abuse, and lack of support set into the homes and hearts of many families, the children begin to suffer. Due to this lack, many families resort to sending their children to an orphanage because they cannot provide for them. In the orphanage, these kids are unloved and told they would never be anything in life. They’re forced to find a new home and way of life at sixteen. Feelings of abandonment fill their hearts, and these kids are now at risk of the dangers of human traffickers. The Orphans Hands has become an intersection point. These kids are welcomed into new homes in Moldova, Vatra Village, and our home in Odessa, Ukraine, given a fresh start in life. Since the war in Ukraine, our kids have been meeting the needs of the refugees by supplying food, Bibles, and blankets to local churches. Their hearts have become a center for sharing God’s love. They have learned through the storms of life, and whatever delay the devil causes, their faith begins to expand in the word of God! God has blessed them with great courage and strength as they minister back to the needs of those they once knew. 

To learn more, ask God what your part is in helping The Orphans Hands reach those in need this winter through www.theorphanshands.org and www.coatsbychristmas.com.

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