Faith Catches God’s Vision

On Daily Faith, joining us today is Pastor Buddy Meloy. Lead Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in Lake City, FL. He is also a dear friend, prophetic voice, and member of the Daily Faith family. Today, the revelation of the word, confirmed by the Holy Spirit, is our faith. We are living in the most unprecedented times in American and world history. Many Christians are in a faith battle where it has become increasingly difficult to see the way forward. We desperately need supernatural vision from the Lord to maintain and move to the next step of glory. Pastor Buddy shares insights about faith’s ripple effects, the importance of walking in faith, and how it encourages our lives. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Although we’re pushing forward with perseverance, faith maintains confidence in God through severe times. It says no matter what, I will bless the Lord! It’s vital in the days that we’re living to be rooted and grounded in God’s word; that is where your strength comes from. As you take time to establish your faith in Jesus, He will give you the clarity to catch His vision, receiving a fresh outpouring of the spirit. 

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The Orphans Hands ministry is the heart of our mission work in Eastern Europe. We have rescued countless children and helped many poverty-stricken families find hope. Moldova has one of the highest death rates due to alcohol abuse, leaving many of its families helpless and sending their children to live in an orphanage. These kids suffer from the lack of everything, yet their greatest need is to be loved. At sixteen, they’re given a bus ticket back to where they came, leaving the only home they knew. This peril leaves them stuck without hope or vision for the next day, subject to the risks of human trafficking. In Moldova, we have a village of homes called Vatra Village and a former home in Odessa, Ukraine. We take in these orphans to provide and care for their needs by showing the love of Jesus. Through much perseverance, their faith is established, and hope is renewed in Jesus. As they give back to the needs of others, becoming God’s hands extended, they have not only caught God’s vision but are running with it. They’re now missionaries spreading the Good News of God’s grace and mercy. With compassion and love, our kids are meeting the needs of others and are tirelessly working to help bring food, blankets, and Bibles to the Ukrainian refugee families. The power of the Holy Spirit renews their strength in Jesus daily. 

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Faith Catches God’s Vision

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Faith Catches God’s Vision On Daily Faith, joining us today is Pastor Buddy Meloy. Lead Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in Lake City, FL. He is also a dear friend, prophetic

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