Faith Over Fear

God favors the bold. On Daily Faith, we’re discussing the blessings of God’s favor when you begin to walk in the boldness of God and how you can do that today! Pastor Paul Daugherty is the Senior Pastor of Victory Church in Tulsa, OK. After his father, Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, passed away in 2009, his mother, Sharon Daugherty, took on the role of senior pastor. During that time, depression slowly crept into Paul’s mind, and he struggled with mental health issues. He was bound by fear and insecurity. One day, the Lord spoke to him to get ready. As he cried out to the Lord, God met him in his moment of despair, and he discovered God’s bold plan for his life. In 2014, Pastor Paul became the senior pastor of Victory Church. He never imagined he would be given this tremendous opportunity to serve his community in such a way. However, they have faced many challenges, especially amid the pandemic last year. Victory church was given a choice to close their doors or step out against the powers of darkness and keep their doors open. Pastor Paul decided to stand by faith for the Lord boldly. They offered many outreach services to their community and fed millions of families around the country. Victory Church has experienced God’s favor with exponential growth by the thousands throughout the years. When you choose to make a stand for the Lord boldly, having faith over fear, you will experience God’s favor in your faith walk like never before. For more information about Victory Church in Tusla, OK, with Pastor Paul Daugherty, please visit

The Orphans Hands is the heart of our outreach ministry. We have a village of homes in the country of Moldova and a home in Ukraine. Together we house over 75 kids. These kids have been abused and kicked out of their homes by their loved ones and sent to live in an orphanage, leaving them with feelings of abandonment, fear, and hopelessness. They grow up without a family and are told they will never be worth anything in life. The Orphans Hands has been rescuing orphaned children, saving them from the perils of human trafficking for over thirty years. Upon coming into our homes, they learn their identity in Christ as sons and daughters, becoming missionaries. We have witnessed the power of God move through their lives, bringing healing, boldness, and restoration. Our kids have stepped out in faith and have made it their mission to share the love of Jesus with the ones who abused them. We have a short video of their Summer camp to show what God’s favor and blessings can do in a communist country. Thank you for your generous support and prayers. To learn more about The Orphans Hands Ministry, please visit

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