Get Out of Your Tent!

On Daily Faith, you will hear revelation truth for your life from our guest, Pastor Gary Brothers. Pastor Brothers is the Senior Pastor of Cape First Church in Cape Girardeau, Mo. He has recently released his new book, Dare to Dream Big: What You Didn’t Know about the Secret Power of Dreams. During his devotions with the Lord, God revealed to him a portion of scripture in Genesis 15. This vision revealed three main principles that would encourage his heart to step out of his tent seeing beyond his circumstance. Before every great miracle, there comes a time of testing, and that may be precisely where you are right now. Don’t sit in the darkness of despair, wondering what to do next. God is waiting on you to get up and move. God has allowed you to go through this time of testing to enable you to rely on His strength and not your own. Like Abraham, God could be calling you to get out of your tent, your comfort zone, to look up and count the stars. When you do, you will see beyond where you are, catching a glimpse of the beautiful future that awaits you. To get your copy of Pastor Brothers’ books, visit, and for more information about Cape First Church, please visit

We have a soft spot in our hearts for missions. For over 30 years, The Orphans Hands ministry has been rescuing children from the risks of human trafficking in Romania and Moldova. We have a village of homes called Vatra Village that we have opened for these orphaned and abandoned children to have a safe and warm environment to grow up in. Valentina grew up in a very abusive and impoverished home with dreams, visions, and aspirations for a better life. Upon coming to Vatra Village, her dream came true. She was able to discover her identity in the Lord, empowering her to move forward by faith to achieve the visions God gave her. She graduated today as the Valedictorian of the University of Chisinau, Moldova, with a perfect score, fluently speaking four languages. Valentina would like to share her testimony of how your prayers and generous support have helped her achieve her dream. Her testimony is proof that God can make your impossible dream possible. For more information about The Orphans Hands Ministry, please visit

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