God is the Good Shepherd

On Daily Faith, we have a Rhema word straight from the Father’s heart to yours! Psalms 23 is one of Philip’s favorite scriptures, and we are diving deeper into the meaning of this scripture with our guest, Pastor Rich Butler. He is the Senior Pastor of Hope Church in Spartanburg, SC. Last year, the Lord prompted his heart to begin a sermon series about finding rest for our weary souls, letting go, and allowing God to bring us to a safe place beside still waters and green pastures. In the New Testament, Christians are referred to as sheep, and God is the Good Shepherd, and we are the sheep of His pastures. Sheep depend on the shepherds to care, protect, and guide them along life’s journey, bringing them to a safe place to graze. In this season, the sounds of the world are beginning to weigh us down, causing even the strongest ones to grow weary, and if we aren’t mindful, we’ll become downcast. The devil wants to keep us turned upside down in our circumstances. However, in Jesus Christ, we can find rest for our weary souls. If you find yourself in a season of heaviness, lost with feelings of hopelessness, the Lord says, “I want to shepherd the hearts of My people.” We encourage you to stir your faith up in the Lord, allowing the voice of the Good Shepherd to drown out the sounds of the world. He alone can replenish your weary soul. For more information about Hope Church in Spartanburg, SC, and to listen to his sermon series on Restore My Soul, please visit www.hopesc.org

We are growing by leaps and bounds at our homes in Vatra Village. We have a village of homes in Moldova and a house in Ukraine for those of you who don’t. We help save and rescue unwanted and abandoned children from the risks of human trafficking. Moldova has one of the highest rates of alcohol abuse, and this travesty leaves many children alone and desperate for love. The Orphans Hands ministry has become a point of intersection for these children. By bringing them into our homes, they are finding rest for their weary souls by God’s grace and mercy. They have a sense of ownership and are relying upon the Good Shepherd to guide them each day. Recently, we have been excited to have welcomed thirteen more children into our homes. These kids are finally in a safe place where they can experience the love of a family. It’s from the love of Jesus through your prayers and generous support that our kids are beginning to rest in the Lord, allowing Him to replenish their souls. Thank you for showing our kids the love of Jesus! To learn more about our ministry outreach, The Orphans Hands ministry, please visit www.theorphanshands.org.

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