God Is Up To Something

On Daily Faith, joining us is Pastor Mike Franklin to share an encouraging word of faith. He is the Lead Pastor of The Torch in Demorest, GA. Pastor Mike wants you to live free from fear and doubt, casting all of your cares on the Lord, finding rest for your soul. Everyday life happens all around us, and at times it leads to things beyond our control. The world is in turmoil, and we are seeing countless souls living in fear of what tomorrow may bring. The enemy uses fear as his faith to keep us in chaos and bound by our thoughts. If he can capture our minds, he has won, and we only see as far as fear will allow us. Yet, that is not how the Lord intends us to live. In the most unprecedented times of the world’s history, we can be still and know that He is God. As children of God, we can live in peace and rejoice in the middle of the storm. We trust that God is working all things out for our good. It’s won’t always be easy, yet, the Lord is our strength, help, and salvation. Who can take away what Jesus put in our hearts? We may be facing difficult circumstances, but we will make it! Today is not the day for you to fear and pull back, push forward and trust the Lord with all your heart. When we are down to nothing, God is up to something!
For more information about The Torch Church with Pastor Mike Franklin, please see www.thetorch.net.

For over thirty years, we have rescued unwanted and abandoned children from the terrible risks of human traffickers in Moldova and Ukraine. Poverty, alcohol abuse, and the lack of social support have created an unstable environment for kids to live in, forcing these children to grow up in an orphanage at a young age. Bound by depression and loneliness, Satan tries to keep them in his grip of fear. The Orphans Hands ministry is reaching out to these children to help provide a new life. Upon coming into our homes in Vatra Village, we tell them if they are born, God has a plan. God’s plan is for them to grow in wisdom and understand His love, finding true rest. Our kids are discovering who God is to them individually, and their faith is rising to action daily! They want you to know that Putin’s war is devastating, and many have lost loved ones, but their trust is in God to provide. They are going out ministering to the Ukrainian refugees by volunteering at shelters, cooking meals, and providing clothes to keep warm. They are God’s hands extended to a hopeless generation. Thank you for your continued prayers and constant support. To help support The Orphans Hands ministry and learn more on how you can help those in need, please visit www.theorphanshands.org.

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