God’s Redeeming Power

On Daily Faith, we have a powerful, energetic, Holy Spirit-inspired show that will make you shout for Jesus today! Bishop Ricky Sinclair is the Lead Pastor at Miracle Place Church in Baker, LA. Bishop Ricky has an amazing transformation story of how God radically saved his life from drug abuse and jail time, turning his life around to be used mightily for the Kingdom of God! He has written a book about his story entitled Miracle At Large. He also has a one-step drug rehab center called All The Way House that helps men discover their identity in Christ and equips them to preach the Gospel to the ends of the Earth! Today’s world is in turmoil and confusion. We have become self-centered and focused on the wrong things, satisfying our flesh, yet God has called us for something greater. The Great Commission means to go and preach the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the Earth. Jesus has given us all power and authority by faith in the Holy Spirit to help us do this. Bishop Ricky wants you to know that Jesus is here waiting for you; all you have to do is confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that He is Lord and you are saved. Your next step is to Go, preach the Gospel of Jesus, share your testimony of how God redeemed you. Remember that you remember that God is with you always!

To get a copy of Miracle At Large by Bishop Ricky Sinclair, please visit www.rickysinclair.com and find more about Miracle Place Church and All The Way House; see www.miracleplacechurch.org.

Moldova has one of the highest death rates due to alcohol abuse. The lack of social support and neglect for these families have forced their young children to grow up in an orphanage. When they become of age, they are kicked out onto the streets where fear and desperation set in their hearts. The Orphans Hands ministry is taking in these orphaned children. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine that helps set them on the right path towards restoration and redemption. Faith is rising in our kids’ lives by discovering their identity in Christ, becoming sons and daughters, who are now missionaries for Jesus. Right now, our home in Ukraine is at risk by the Russian government declaring war and invading Odesa as we speak. Yet, through the midst of war and great distress, our kids are going out supplying food for the refugees and helping do their part for the Kingdom of God. They are walking out the Great Commission as Jesus has instructed them to do! We thank you for your continued prayers and support in helping to change a life. 

To learn more about how you can help change a life for one dollar a day, contact The Orphans Hands ministry at www.theorphanshands.org

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