Grace Comes in The Fire

On Daily Faith, we have the General Overseer for the Church of God, Bishop Tim Hill, in Cleveland, TN. Bishop Hill has served in national and international ministry for many years. He leads millions of members of the church in over 180 countries worldwide. Today, Bishop Hill has recently released his new book entitled Furnace Grace: How to live when the heat is turned up. He wants you to know that whatever the fiery trial of life you’re facing, no matter how hot it gets, there is another man in the fire with you, and his name is Jesus! This Rhema word comes directly from the heart of God to tell you that you are not alone. Just as the three Hebrew men of the Bible were thrown into the fiery furnace because they would not bow to a false god, King Nebuchadnezzar turned up the heat seven times hotter. Yet, he saw a fourth man in the fire with them. They were loosed, untouched by the heat, because God Almighty was in their midst. There is grace for you in the middle of your circumstance. God is giving you divine strength and endurance to persevere as you press into the word of God, coming out victorious, untouched by the event. Hold on, God is about to bring you out of this fiery trial, and the fears and torment you once endure, you shall not endure again! Choose faith over fear; the best is yet to come! 

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The Orphans Hands Ministry is the heart of our outreach. Upon leaving the orphanages, so many children feel stuck and alone in the fiery trials of life, without any hope for the next day. Often this despair leads them to the false hope of the human traffickers, never to be seen again. The Orphan Hands is helping to breach the gap in this next generation by reaching lost, broken, and abandoned for the love of Jesus. They’ve become sons and daughters who have turned into missionaries for the Gospel. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Ukraine where we take in these children and provide for their needs. By God’s grace, together, we are helping to discover a sense of purpose, identity, and renewed hope for these once abandoned souls. Our kids are running a race of endurance, with daily perseverance, being God’s hands extended to those in need. Thank you for your generous prayers and support; God is restoring their lives to freedom! To learn more about how you can change the life of another for a dollar a day, visit

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