It’s A Summer of Love

Today, on Daily Faith, Pastor Scott Ethridge joins us to share about the love of Jesus. He is the Lead Pastor of The Healing Place in Shreveport, LA. We all know and preach about the love of Jesus, but have we experienced His love? We are living in uncertainty around the world where lawlessness is accepted, good is evil, and evil is good, and fear, depression, and anxiety run rampant. All of these symptoms stem from the lack of love in the world, yet more importantly, in the church. Jesus freely gave His life for us, pardoning our sins so we could have eternal life with Him. We were created to love and be loved by Jesus, and instead of loving first, we judge, losing the ability to see as Jesus sees. When our eyes are focused on Jesus, the fragrance of His love surrounds us. This sweet-smelling aroma encompasses every part of our beings, transforming us from the inside out. It doesn’t matter what people think; it matters what Jesus thinks. To see America return to God, we must cultivate intimacy in our relationships and be intentional in our pursuit of God to see the world change; we must carry His heart of love, grace, and compassion toward all people. It’s time to return to our first love and have a heart that overflows with His Spirit of love. To love Jesus, you need to love what He loves.

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Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. Alcohol, poverty, and the lack of social support break up the home, forcing their loved ones to grow up in an orphanage. The Orphans Hands is the heart of our outreach ministry in Moldova and Ukraine, where our mission is to help rescue, redeem, and restore these kids by saving them from the risks of human trafficking. When these kids turn sixteen, they are kicked out with a bus ticket to nowhere, leaving them helpless and subject to the false hopes of the human traffickers. We have a village of homes in Moldova called Vatra Village and a house in Odessa, Ukraine. We have seen our kids give back to those who abused them, sharing the same love of Jesus they have received by learning the importance of intimacy with Jesus. Jesus has transformed their hearts, minds, and relationships with others for His kingdom’s purpose. Amid Putin’s war on Ukraine, we proudly announce that twelve of our kids have graduated by becoming doctors, psychologists, and teachers. Our kids have become the hands and feet of Jesus by supplying food, Bibles, and blankets to the Ukrainian refugees in hopes of a better tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers and support. 

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